• – Canadian Corkscrew Collector Club: CCCC
    Originating in Canada, the CCCC is now the largest club with an international membership. Annual meetings alternate between Europe and North America in August or September. Annual fee is US$25.
    Follow the CCCC on Facebook at
    Follow the CCCC on Instagram @corkscrewclubcccc
    Follow the CCCC on Twitter @CorkscrewClub
  • – International Correspondence of Corkscrew Addicts: ICCA
    An international group with closed membership limited to 50 members. Annual meetings are coordinated with CCCC annual meetings to allow members to attend both meetings.
  • – Just For Openers: JFO
    A US based club focusing mainly on openers (caplifters and corkscrews) which feature US beer advertising. JFO holds annual meetings throughout the US. Membership is free including online access to the newsletter.
  • Association of British Corkscrews Devotees and Enthusiasts: ABCDE
    The ABCDE started in 1991 as the English chapter of the CCCC. The ABCDE holds twice yearly meetings at members’ homes (bottle of wine for the host) and irregular mini-meetings at Portobello Market in London. No membership fees or publication. Communication is by email mailing list. Membership is about 40. Contact Richard Stevenson at
  • – Club Français du Tire-Bouchon: CFTB
    The French club has annual meetings throughout France and all communication is in French. Currently there more than 100 members, mainly French speakers, representing 10 countries. Annual membership is 70 Euros. The club publishes the impressive “L’Extracteur” quarterly.
  • – Freunde der Stoppelzieher: FS
    Membership is limited to 50. Most members are Austrian. The club meets twice a year, once for Austrian members only, the other meeting is international. Annual fee: 50 Euros. The club journal is produced once or twice a year. It is usually 60-100 pages.
  • – Helix Scandinavica: HS
    Membership is restricted to 15 members from Denmark,Sweden, Norway and, since 2014, Finland. However international associate members are welcome. The 2014 AGM was held for the first time in Helsinki.
  • Verein Korkenzieherfreund: VKF
    VKF has 46 members, about a third of whom are German speaking international members. There is an annual meeting (2014 is in Dessau, a town in Eastern Germany from 26 to 28 September). The newsletter, “Der Krätzer”, is produced twice a year. Membership fee is € 60. Contact Hans Dieter Schulz at
  • – Associazione Italiana Collezionisti Cavatappi: AICC
    The website has an Italian and an English version and is very informative. The club has 40 members. It holds two meetings per year and publishes two newsletters each year.
Corkscrew Collector Websites
  • by Wayne Meadows
    Wayne owns a corkscrew themed bed and breakfast in Vancouver, BC, Canada which also has a private corkscrew museum. Wayne has authored two corkscrew books.
  • by Chris Barge
    Chris is a respected specialist English corkscrew dealer. This site always has an excellent range of corkscrews for sale.
  • by Don Bull
    Don’s site is a great source of corkscrew knowledge. Don is also the most prolific corkscrew author. You can buy his books online and he often has special sales of his own corkscrews or other collections. Don started the Corkscrew Collectors Facebook group. Follow Don on Instagram @corkscrewguru
  • by Peter Borrett
    He always has a great range of corkscrews for sale. Peter’s site is best known for his very active and entertaining blog: Like Peter’s Facebook page Peter also started the Corkscrew Beware Facebook Group where collectors can share information about possible fake corkscrews on the market
  • by Josef L’Africain
    An informative site with a very active and well written blog: Selected corkscrews for sale. Follow Josef’s Facebook page.
  • by Tommy Campnell
    An entertaining, though irregular blog
    Selected corkscrews for sale. Follow Tommy on Instagram @antiquecorkscrews
  • by Gavin Maddock
    A young English dealer with a good range of corkscrews for sale.
  • by Wayne Meadows and Sal Robinson
    Wayne and Sal are passionate collectors who have done extensive research on Austrian figural corkscrews. They even wrote a book on them! Check out their website for precision weights, measurements, and markings on authentic and reproduction Austrian corkscrews.
  • by Andre Burgos
    An established New York dealer selling a lovely range of wine and culinary antiques with a strong corkscrew emphasis.
  • by Joseph Paradi
    Joe’s site is the place to buy Screwbase software, the corkscrew database and catalogue system. You can also purchase the books Joe writes with Don Bull. Also find some interesting older corkscrew articles here.
  • by Steven Webb
    Steven’s focus is English corkscrew research. There is always something new and original here. Selected corkscrews for sale and an occasional blog too.
  • by Ferd Peters
    Ferd is selling his own and other selected books, all books of the highest research quality.  Also selected corkscrews for sale.
  • by James Jones
    Online antique store with a great variety of corkscrews.
  • by Robin Butler
    UK antique wine accessories, including some corkscrews for sale.
  • by Goran Nilssen
    A Swedish collector’s site with lots of interesting corkscrew content. Selected corkscrews for sale.
  • by Robert Leopardi
    An occasional blog.
  • by James Zalaznik                                                                                                                                                                                                                 A collector website filled with photos and personal stories related to his corkscrew collection.
  • by Ion Chirescu
    Ion is a Romanian collector who has a corkscrew museum in Bucharest, Romania. Ion has co-authored some corkscrew books and can assist with publishing. He holds the Guinness World Record for Largest Collection of Corkscrews at 23,965 on June 18, 2015. Ion started the Corkscrew Friends Facebook page
French Language Sites