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A great reason to be in a collecting club is to learn from other members.
Many CCCC members are keen researchers and prolific writers, and have been gracious enough to share their expertise in the articles listed below.
Anon1997 German Trade Marks
Bandy 2012 Edwin Walker from a different angle
Barella2015Early English Patented Corkscrew Discovered [Osborne]
Berndt2016 Valentin Langenhan Christoph Sohn
Berndt2019 Weapons, Tools and Corkscrews
Bond2018 Care of Corkscrews
Bortfeld 2012 Corkscrews in the news: part I
Bortfeld 2012 Corkscrews in the news: part II
Bortfeld 2013 Hawaiian wine corkscrews and Sam Parker
Brennan2019 Displaying Corkscrews
Bull 2006 Baby Bremen key
Bull 2014 Emil Polk's patent
Bull 2015 Dan Karner
Bull 2015 Gemelli's girls
Bull 2015 Gemelli's barmen
Bull 2015 Nugent insights
Bull 2016 Corkscrew Deliveries
Bull 2015 The Gemelli curl
Bull 2016 Durol Variations
Bull2017 Jumping to Conclusions [Gorham; Paddock]
Bull2017Not for Corks
Campnell 2010 Chasing a tramp [Syroco]
Campnell 2014 Crosby Pups
Campnell 2014 Crosby pups chapter 2
Campnell 2014 XL Syroco Scotty Dog
Campnell2017 Crosby pups chapter 3
CCCC2016 Constitution
CCCC2017 Constitution as amended
Cimagalli 2014Italian Trade Marks
Cimagalli2017The Devil of Jehan Vibert
Clark 2015 Clark's Conundrum
Dakers 2012 Another way to display corkscrews
Dakers 2012 Who made these [Henshall]
Desor 2015 The Valezina story
Desor2017 The Copper Rush with the Copper Club Nifty
Ellis 1992 Columbus Day
Ellis 1995 Left handed levers
Ellis 1996 Weir'd corkscrews [Heeley; Pullezi; Wier]
Ellis 1998 Figural corkscrews and registered designs
Ellis 1999 Registered figural corkscrews
Ellis 2000 Patented Champagne cork grabbers not!
Ellis 2001 Finnish corkscrews
Ellis 2002 Making sense of combination tools
Ellis 2003 More on double helix corkscrews
Ellis 2003 The Hogarth corkscrew
Ellis 2004 Corkscrews in context bon viveur set
Ellis 2004 Corkscrews with attachments for opening Codd bottles
Ellis 2005 Corkscrews in context amber bar set
Ellis 2005 Conversation piece
Ellis 2005 Corkscrews in a material world
Ellis 2005 Corkscrews in context Funnel Bar Set
Ellis 2006 Corkscrews in context decanter set
Ellis 2007 Conversation piece [bows; Henshall]
Ellis 2007 The corkscrews and career of Charles Hull
Ellis 2014 Corkscrews in context Smoker and Drinker's Set
Ellis 2014 Double helix
Ellis 2014 One armed Italian motorcycle corkscrew
Ellis 2014 The Wenham ice hammer
Fitzpatrick2019 Golfer Corkscrew
Fitzpatrick2019Lund Lever Variant
Giulian 2001 Fakes of 18th century corkscrews the French cage
Giulian 2007 The tight cork
Giulian 2009 An English corkscrew displaying the royal arms of France
Giulian 2009 The cockfight corkscrew
Giulian 2010 Corkscrew silhouette
Giulian 2010 Corkscrews by Richard Singleton
Gralla 2005 If you show them they will come [canes]
Gralla 2005 System canes gadget canes cane curiosa
Gralla2017 Fate of the Royal Shrapnel
Gralla2017 What to do when you cannot find corkscrews
Gralla2017 What to do when you cannot find corkscrews Part II [bottles; bin labels; tastevins]
Gralla2018 What to do when you cannot find corkscrews Part III [bottle tickets; neck rings; collars]
Gralla2018 What to do when you cannot find corkscrews Part IV [strainers; funnels]
Gralla2018 What to do when you cannot find corkscrews Part V [coasters; slides; bottle stands; decanter wagons]
Gralla2018 What to do when you cannot find corkscrews Part VI [decanters; carafes]
Hunter 2014 Australian brass flatbacks
Hunter 2014 Triquip the opener
Hunter2018 Valezina
Hunter 2017An Intriguing Roundlet
Hunter & Meakin 2015 Dewars corkscrews
Husson2018Acrobat of Charles Sauvageot Collector
Husson2018Who is an expert in corkscrews
Island 2011 James D. Frary corkscrews
Janousek2017 A Corkscrew from Russia
Kaesewinkel 2003 The small difference [Bodega]
Kaesewinkel 2009 Leduc An Austrian corkscrew
Kirkpatrick 2014 The ingenuity of John Adt
L'Africain 2010 Another note on Robert Murphy corkscrews
L'Africain 2012 Davis Puddefoot and the Detroit Cork Screw Company
L'Africain & Campnell 2017 The Williamson Flash
Lopez 2009 The corkscrews of P.H. Vogel Co.
Lopez 2012 The Spanish silver corkscrews of Pedro Duran
Lopez 2016 Corkscrew Postcards by George Fyffe Christie
MacLean 1987 Thread pitch gauges
MacLean 1988 About plastics
MacLean 1989 Handle attachments
MacLean 1989 The Vulcan
MacLean 1993 Corkscrew publications
MacLean 1993 Frary patent
MacLean 1995 American wire by Walker
MacLean 1996 The Mumford cork extractor has a left hand connection
MacLean1997Bung Pullers
MacLean1997Gun Worms
MacLean 2006 Caveat emptor Singleton corkscrew
Meadows 1997 Three Infantas
Meadows 2001 Fingerprinting your corkscrews
Meadows 2001 Photographing corkscrews
Meadows 2006 Finding the Robertson Corkscrew
Meadows 2006 What makes the Cotterill tick
Meadows 2007 Chinnock
Meadows 2007 Dubious corkscrews
Meadows 2007 The gun tool
Meadows 2008 Austrian figural multitool
Meadows 2009 Too good to be true
Meadows 2010 Rabbits Revisited
Meadows 2010 The three rabbits
Meadows 2011 Anatomy of a very curious cage
Meadows 2011 Cages Part One
Meadows 2011 Gold and agate
Meadows 2011 Some interesting iron corkscrews
Meadows 2013 Enyel
Meadows 2013 From the mystery bin [Curpat]
Meadows 2013 From the mystery bin [cage]
Meadows 2013 The Pitts
Meadows 2014 200+ year old corkscrew [knife]
Meadows 2014 A renovation project
Meadows 2014 An Italian Thomason
Meadows 2014 Archimedean worms revisited
Meadows 2014 Italian cages
Meadows 2014 Mid 18th century French multitool
Meadows 2014 Peg & worm v. gimlet & worm
Meadows 2014 Some interesting figurals
Meadows 2015 A Cork Pick
Meadows 2015 Grape press corkscrew mystery
Meadows 2015 J V Ruben
Meadows 2015 Photographing corkscrews
Meadows 2016 A Very Short Story [Pecquet]
Meadows 2016 New Bar Corkscrew Find [Famlee; Stover]
Meadows 2016 The Bloomsbury Steel Toy Works Part I [Plant]
Meadows 2016 The Bloomsbury Steel Toy Works Part II
Meadows 2016 The Loosely Coupled Worm Corkscrew Mechanism [Coney; Plant]
Meadows 2017 Corkscrew Handles
Meadows2017 A Plant Thomason
Meadows2017 Thomason Corkscrews Part I
Meadows2018 Thomason Corkscrews Part II
Meadows2018Trials and Tribulations of inventing the Meccano corkscrew
Meadows2018An Unusual Hagenauer Find
Meadows2018An Old Karl Hagenauer Corkscrew Identified
Meadows2018Some Umbrella Corkscrews
Meadows2018Meadows Mechanism Revealed
Meadows2019Compendium of Bar Corkscrews update
Meakin 2009 Advertising corkscrews
Meakin 2011 Folding bow corkscrews
Meakin 2011 The Little Difference [Lund Lever]
Meakin 2016 The Little Difference Metal Bottle Handled Corkscrews
Morris2018 Goberg's Menagerie
Morris2018 Mini Collections Keys and Corkscrews
Morris 2010 The Syroco King
Morris, Taylor & Nugent 2010 Robert Murphy corkscrews
Nugent1988Thomas Curley's Corkscrews
Nugent1994Monce Woodward type corkscrews
OLeary 2002 Crosby pup update
OLeary 2006: 19th century American glass cutter tools
Paradi 1993 Corkscrew categories
Paradi 2002 Champagne and soda taps
Paradi 2015 The Boue story complete
Paul2019 How to Display Ladies' Legs Corkscrews
Peters 2000 Reproduction alert
Peters 2001 Maud's patent
Peters 2014 Belgian corkscrews
Peters 2017 Joseph Westby
Peters2017 Update to Wallis' British Corkscrew Patents from 1795
Peters2017 Update to Corkscrews British Registered Designs
Peters2019 Solutions for Short Corkscrews on Pocketknives
Peters2019 Pocketknives with device to ease opening the corkscrew
Robinson 2010 Canadian advertising or place name corkscrews
Robinson 2010 The Syroco figurals...who were those guys
Robinson 2014 A long story about a short corkscrew [Jones]
Robinson 2016 A Cork Pick Update
Robinson 2016 Catalogues and Advertising: Primary Sources for Research
Robinson2018 The Russell and Erwin Manufacturing Company
Robinson2018 Translating Articles
Robinson2018 Catalogues and Advertising: Humason and Beckley
Robinson2019 Blake Brothers Hardware Company
Robinson2019 Blake Brothers update
Robinson & Meadows2017 Update to Austrian Figural Corkscrew Design
Roger 1999 They are not corkscrews
Roger 2001 On the trail of T.S. Carroll
Roger 2002 More patents
Roger 2003 Another U.S. patent found
Roger 2003 More double helix corkscrews
Roger 2004 Another tidbit from Toolman
Roger 2005 Another decorative German key and hay fork
Roger 2005 Example of Chinnocks patent No. 406: found
Roger 2005 More tidbits from Toolman
Roger 2005 The Bremen key corkscrews
Roger 2006 1:7: Function AMI Open All combination tool
Roger 2006 Another Murphy Found
Roger 2006 Triple double helix
Roger 2007 An uncommon common corkscrew
Roger 2008 Bacon's end a corkscrew go with
Roger 2008 Edwin Walker's crown cap opener patents
Roger 2008 Hand held can bottle closure removing tools
Roger 2008 Unusual cork press
Roger 2008 Walker's swages painters caps and ice picks
Roger 2009 Cork faucets stump extractors
Roger 2009 Patent partners
Roger 2009 The Millers Falls cork screw lever
Roger 2009 The stuff left over
Roger 2009 Walker Williamson bells associated variants
Roger 2014 Barrel keys
Roger 2014 Decorative German keys
Roger 2014 Tidbits from Toolman
Roger 2014 Unusual roundlet mechanism
Roger 2014 Update on decorative German keys
Roger 2014 Walker's Quick Easy gimlet boring facts
Stevenson 2012 Alexandra Champagne taps
Stevenson 2014 Alexandra patent Champagne taps
Stevenson 2015 The Aylesbury Dairy Company
Stevenson 2016 Saving a Corkscrew From Death by Rust
Stevenson 2017 Auction Find Double Helix Bow
Stevenson2018 A Longstanding Mystery
Taylor2018 Florida Flea Market Fun
Various2006Alumium Corkscrews
Various2009The Little Difference
Various2018Best Six
Various2017Best Six
Various2016Best Six
Various2015Best Six
Various2014Highlights of show and tell
Various2014Best Six
Various2013Best Six
Various2012Best Six
Various2011Best Six
Various2010Best Six
Various2009Best Six
Various2008Best Six
Various2007Best Six
Various2006Best Six
Various2005Best Six
Various2004Best Six
Various2003Best Six
Various2002Best Six
Various2001Best Six
Various2000Best Six Part I
Various2000Best Six Part II
Various1999Best Six Part I
Various1999Best Six Part II
Various1998Best Six Part I
Various1998Best Six Part II
Various1997Best Six Part I
Various1997Best Six Part II
Various1996Best Six Part I
Various1996Best Six Part II
Various1995Best Six Part I
Various1995Best Six Part II
Various1994Best Six Part I
Various1994Best Six Part II
Various1993Best Six Part I
Various1993Best Six Part II
Various1992Best Six
Various1991Best Six
Various1990Best Six
Various1989Best Six
Various1988Best Six
Various1987Best Six
Various2018Displaying Corkscrews
Various2017Show and Tell
Various2018Show and Tell
Various2019Most Wanted!
Walters 1994 Fakes frauds tomfoolery
Walters 1998 California corkscrews a San Francisco legacy
Walters 2007 Fakery on eBay
Walters 2008 A collection of fakes
Walters 2011 When Teackles attack
Wright 2011 Must de Cartier bows
Wright 2015 Christofle
Wright2017 Round Trip to Rioja Spain
Wright2019 Alessandro Mendini, Anna G's Creator
Young 2007 Mumbly peg
Young 2009 A new find
Young 2011 A prototype of the swivel headed Snifter
Young 2011 More on Robert Murphy corkscrews
Young 2011 Mystery jar wrench
Young 2011 The apparent frustration of William Rockwell Clough
Young 2012 Haviland patent
Young 2012 Two Arments patents
Young 2014 A new corkscrew discovery
Young 2014 American combination culinary utensil
Young 2014 An impressive American combination tool
Young 2014 Have you looked at your roundlets lately
Young 2014 Just who was ML Byrn